Palm Springs premier concert harpist Dr. Vanessa Fountain
Fountain of Harp
Dr. Vanessa R. Fountain, harpist

"Vanessa is one of America’s most creative and dynamic young harpists.
Her performances feature her original Liszt transcriptions, standard classical
fare and a sprinkling of surprises, such as her jazz rendition of Harlem Nocturne,
pop standards and even the occasional blues selection. Her innovative use of
harmonics, pedal work and the percussive elements of her instrument make Vanessa
unique among contemporary harpists. Dr. Fountain's musical performances are
interspersed with informative, yet accessible explanations of the composers, her
approach to performance and the musical genres represented in her work. For a
combination of musical virtuosity, stylistic variety and explicative narrative,
Dr. Vanessa Fountain is your performer."

G. Drake, independent recording artist and producer.